This page includes samples of my work. I pulled examples from class assignments and my work experience. To see more of my video work, check out my YouTube channel.

Drake Broadcasting System Relays 2019 Show 2

During my second year as Executive Producer of DBS Relays we were able to record our second show at Drake Stadium. The tone of the Relays 2019 shows is lighter than previous years and we engaged our guests in some games that made everyone laugh.

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Therapeutic Horseback Riding Video Package

This video was created in collaboration with a reporter and another videographer. I captured footage and I edited the video. Filming this video required flexibility and quick action. One of my crewmates spontaneously suggested that the source give us a tour of her facility. It was a great idea and led to the quotes seen in the final product, but it forced us to react quickly to changes in location, lighting, and audio. There was, of course, no script for the source or the horses, and the experience provided an opportunity to think quickly and respond to frequently changing conditions.

Camera used: Panasonic AVCCAM

Editing Software Used: Adobe Premiere Pro CC


Drake Broadcasting System Relays 2018 Pre-show 3

I was the executive producer of DBS Relays 2018. I coordinated and wrote the script for three pre-shows and directed two of the pre-shows. This was our final show.


Midwest Living Issue Preview

This is an issue preview video for Midwest Living Magazine, edited in Final Cut X. The initial photo shoot for this video produced more elements of interaction with props than the final video demonstrates (e.g. taking a sip of the juice). As the editor, I deleted such sequences to make the video fit within a shorter time frame and made sure that the images before and after the sequence line up visually. I used my attention to detail to ensure that such jumps do not distract the viewer.

January/February 2018 Midwest Living

Tell us, what's your favorite story in our January/February issue?

Posted by Midwest Living on Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Best of the Midwest Issue Preview

I created this video to promote an issue of Midwest Living Magazine’s Best of the Midwest Travel Guide on social media.

Editing software: Final Cut X

Best of the Midwest 2018

Our Best of the Midwest travel guide will help you plan your best summer getaway ever! Get detailed info on where to play, eat and stay. Find it at Barnes & Noble, Walmart, larger grocery & pharmacy chains or online at www.themeredithstore.com/midwestliving.

Posted by Midwest Living on Friday, April 13, 2018


Better Homes & Gardens

I edited this video for BHG’s “Fun With Food” series.

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

I edited this video for BHG’s “Made by Me” series.

Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC

How to Make Your Own Fire Pit in a Weekend

This simple-to-make DIY fire pit will be something the whole family will enjoy for years to come 🔥 Here's how to build it: https://trib.al/GtHVzlb

Posted by Better Homes & Gardens on Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Photography Samples

I took and edited these photos for my Digital Photography class.

Editing Software: Adobe Photoshop CC

Water splashing on rocks

Mother and child playing with blocks and dominoes Fall landscape of pond