Once upon a time, a girl named Tess Julien from a small suburb in Wisconsin wanted to be a princess. But not just any princess, she wanted to be a Disney princess. As she got older, she found that she could be one at the Disney parks. She looked into it and found that she was too short. Though her heart was broken, she refused to give up.

In high school, Tess channeled her inner Belle–challenging herself to take as many classes as possible and learn as much as she could in order to find subjects she was passionate about. Her studies ranged from engineering to media basics. She was determined to stretch the limits of what’s possible by taking a term of AP Calc as an independent study on top of AP Bio and APUSH during peak pit orchestra season.

Because of how much Tess pushed herself in high school, she knew she would be able to double major in college. When she arrived at Drake University, a land far, far away from her home, she had declared herself as a Digital Media Production major but had not yet decided what her second major should be. After a semester, she realized she missed math and science. After investigating majors in related fields, she decided to declare Computer Science as her second major.

Outside of her studies, Tess Julien channels the work ethic of Tiana in order to chase her dreams like Rapunzel. She juggles a work-study, an on-campus job, an internship, leadership positions within campus organizations, and membership in a national service organization. She does whatever it takes to get the job done on time and with excellent quality.

Though Tess isn’t a princess, she’s guaranteed a happily ever after because of the people that surround her. She has friends and family that inspire her every day and have shown her different perspectives through which to see the world. She has family members all over the world that do¬†incredible things: from a cousin serving in the Peace Corp to a cousin studying theater tech. She has friends that have made her belly-laugh across the western hemisphere, everywhere from Costa Rica to Glacier National Park to a dorm room.

Tess Julien is still writing her happy ending, the part of the story that never gets written. She is pursuing a career that blends her majors and allows her to tell empowering stories that entertain everyone from kids to kids-at-heart. Follow along as she juggles algorithms and programs with videos and broadcasts.

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